Sundown Festival and Chicago's Djing

What a mad few weeks I have had. A few weeks ago i decided it was time for a change and left the mighty Mercy Nightclub in Norwich where I had been Dj in the main room for the last 6-7 years. It was such a big decision to make and I feel I have made the right choice. Now i am at the helm in the recently refurbished Chicago’s in Norwich playing the Biggest Party Tunes a Saturday in the city has ever seen. If you’re in town please come and say hello.
Alongside that I am still taking out my disco to Norfolk’s finest venues, if you have not yet booked your wedding entertainment then please feel free to message me or call me for a chat.

I also confirmed this week that I will once again be hosting main stage at Norfolk’s Sundown Festival, tickets are on sale now if you want to be part of the 55,000 people enjoying the party have a look here:

Anyway, enough for now as I have tunes to sort out....

Dj Gary Sulter